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If only

There are a few good guys who want to have me as their girlfriend. One even told me he loves me. All these good guys who want to make me happy.
But how can I even try to share my heart with any one of these men, when you still hold a big part of mine.

If only I was able to gather all their love and affection towards me, and have it all come from  you.

Let's go back. Remind me of how we used to be. I know we could be better.

It irritates me that I can not give myself a chance with these other people. I have to let them know of where my heart stands, this is hard. I blame you.  You have it so easy....

I could give myself a chance with them,,,,but my heart wouldn't be in it completely. I can't go in that way...
Oh heart, :(.



I still want him, he is on my mind 24/7 . I can't understand how I can feel all this for him yet he feels nothing. Where did I go wrong?:/

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